Family Dental Care of Geneseo is proud to offer our patients the ability to be completely relaxed through their dental appointments with Sedation Dentistry.

Facts About Sedation Dentistry

  • It works.
  • It is safe. You take a small pill prior to treatment. No needles.
  • You have little or no memory of the experience and you will not remember any sounds or smells.
  • You nap for 5-6 hours after taking the pill.
  • Work requiring 6-8 appointments can be done in 1 visit!
  • People who have difficulty getting numb have no problem when relaxed and asleep.
  • It is safely used to reduce the fatigue of extended dental treatments that require long visits.

How does it work?

You are given a pill to take one hour prior to your dental appointment. Your companion will accompany you to the office. When you arrive, you will be very drowsy. You will relax into a very comfortable chair, covered with a thick, warm, cozy blanket. Your vital signs will be monitored. After you are comfortable, our experienced clinical team will take care of your dental needs. When your treatment is completed your companion will return you home to finish your relaxing sleep.

Who is a candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Adults who:

  • have high levels of fear.
  • have had traumatic dental experiences.
  • have difficulty getting numb.
  • have a bad gag reflex.
  • have very sensitive teeth.
  • have limited time to complete their dental care.
  • have complex dental problems.
  • hate needles and shots.
  • hate noises, smells and tastes associated with dental care.
  • are afraid and embarrassed about their teeth.

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